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6 Guest Room Updates to Wow Your Visitors

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Creating an elevated guest room that keeps your visitors comfortable goes far beyond making the bed and offering basic amenities. By making intentional changes to your guest room, you can feel confident that your visitors will feel right at home. Whether you’re hosting for the weekend or an extended stay, we’ve got six guest room upgrades that are sure to impress.

1. Find a Harmonious Color Palette

Because your guest room is a personal oasis for your visitors, you don’t have to match its theme to the rest of your home. Choose 3-5 colors for your palette, like neutral tones and powdery blues, that bring a sense of calm into the space. Your guests will appreciate intentional changes that prioritize their comfort and overall enjoyment.

2. Make a Statement with Wallpaper

A plain, blank wall is the perfect opportunity to install funky wallpaper in your guest room. With a variety of patterns, colors and textures, it’s possible to completely transform the space. In addition to visually enhancing a room’s aesthetics, wallpaper acts as a focal point—making its design the star of the show.

3. Add Bookshelves for Character

What better way to wind down the evening than reading a new book genre or title? A bookshelf, whether standing or hung on a wall, adds character to your guest room with little effort. Include your favorite books or curate a collection that’s entirely new to provide plenty of options. If books aren’t your thing, fill your bookshelves with plants, framed photos or other small trinkets that create interest.

4. Include a Work Space

If the room allows, consider adding a dedicated workspace to your guest room. While a full working station isn’t necessary, providing your guests with a desk and comfortable chair breaks up the space. As an added bonus, you can utilize the working space as your own when you’re not expecting company.

5. Utilize Window Treatments

Enhance your guest’s experience with window treatments that improve the room’s privacy and light control. Choose a style that best suits the room’s design and is easy to control like blinds or curtains. If you’re looking for advanced features to compliment your guest room, motorized Roman shades take any window to the next level.

6. Offer Storage Solutions

Regardless of the duration, your guests will likely need multiple storage options to keep their items organized. As a basis, you should furnish your guest room with any of the following:

You may also opt to include hidden under-the-bed storage to store extra bedding or fresh towels for a truly optimized space.

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