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Everything You Need to Know About Bohemian Interior Design

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If you’re looking to bring energy and life into your space through interior design, bohemian styling might be for you. Bohemian style, or “boho” for short, introduces individuality into your home through layered textures, eclectic patterns and a worldly outlook on life. If you’re looking to learn more about incorporating bohemian elements into your home, read on!

What is Bohemian Interior Design?

At its core, bohemian interior design combines various colors, textures and patterns to create a free-spirited flow throughout a space. While no two rooms look exactly alike, bohemian-styled interiors rarely clash. Your home’s cohesiveness will derive from the intention and thoughtfulness behind each splash of color, quirky trinket or standalone furniture piece.

Boho empowers you to make a space what you want, so don’t be afraid to mesh textures and colors you wouldn’t normally pair together. Embrace the contradictions!

Origins of Bohemian Interior Design

Inspired by the creatives of the 19th century, the bohemian style emphasizes the importance of creativity and straying from tradition. The style originated in Paris in the mid-1800s, paying respect to and taking inspiration from the Romani nomadic lifestyle. By embracing the unconventional, creators like artists, writers, performers and nomads tailored their spaces to speak toward their personality and uniqueness.

Characteristics of Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian interior design doesn’t have a standard set of principles, but you’ll likely see common themes throughout boho rooms.

Vibrant Colors and Patterns

Muted, earthy tones help to ground a space, while eye-catching swatches of color add depth. Creating a palette of 6-12 colors (both warm and cool) will maintain cohesiveness in a space without forgoing visual interest. Utilize color theory to identify complimentary colors that will provide contrast to your home.

Blending the Indoor-Outdoor Line

Natural elements like woven rugs, stone accents and lively greenery create a seamless transition between the outdoors and inside of our homes. For a dreamy, whimsical mood, install patterned, sheer curtains to your windows and enjoy the natural light that spills into your home.

Combining Different Textures

There’s no shame in mixing and matching textures, especially in a bohemian space. Natural materials like rattan, seagrass and wood create beautiful finishes when paired with glass or metallic finishes. Play with various textures to see what works best for your taste.

Unique Artwork and Decor

Incorporate decor that speaks to your personality when adding bohemian-inspired decor. Whether you’ve gathered baubles from your travels or have an extensive collection of sentimental items, unique accessories add authenticity to a room. Can’t find artwork that speaks to you? Make it yourself for an ultra-personalized, finishing touch.

How to Incorporate Bohemian Style into Your Space

Now that you’ve gotten the basics of bohemian style, you may be wondering how to incorporate bohemian decor into your home. Consider visiting your local secondhand or vintage store to find preloved pieces—anything you’re drawn toward is fair game!

For some ideas on how to introduce boho to your space, consider adding any of the following:

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