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Ways to Make Your Backyard Look Better During the Summer

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patio with sliding doorThere are plenty of reasons why you may want to update your backyard. Maybe your outdoor furniture needs to be replaced or you see a great opportunity to showcase more of your style in your backyard. Regardless of your reasons, taking on any remodeling project is hard work, but well worth it for the added function and value it adds to your home.

Ways to Update Your Backyard and Patio Space

1. Upgrade Your Patio Doors

Window World of Cleveland offers several patio door styles, such as French, classic and contemporary. If you’re seeking an elegant look to dress up your back entryway, French patio doors may be for you. Are you more of a traditional homeowner? Our classic sliding door will maximize your view of the outdoors, while quietly accenting your living space. Finally, contemporary patio doors give your home a bit of an edge with the modern design etched on the glass.

Storm Door from Window World2. Fix Screen Doors

Who doesn’t enjoy watching a summer thunderstorm roll in? With screen storm doors that lead out to your backyard, you can view the beauty of nature from the comfort of your indoor living space. Another great function of screen doors is keeping insects out. The screen panel lets fresh air in and protects you from mosquitoes and other bothersome bugs.

3. Consider Adding a Garden

vinyl garden windowSummer brings longer days, which means more opportunities for natural light that plants love. Adding small potted plants to your porch like basil, rosemary and thyme, or flowers and fruit in your yard will fill your space with a fresh aroma. Not to mention you can add these plants to enhance your summer recipes! If you don’t have space in your yard itself, you could add a vertical planter for herbs around your back door to bring some green to your doorstep.

4. Use Bright Patio Furniture

Incorporate bright colors like reds, blues or yellows into your patio furniture. Colorful Adirondack chairs are a great option for adding character while sticking with a traditional furniture frame. You can find many inexpensive outdoor-appropriate furniture options at your local home improvement stores, so keep your eyes open!

5. Add a Decorative Rug

If you think your patio needs an extra decorative touch, a rug is a great way to enhance its appeal. Adding a decorative indoor-outdoor rug to your backyard patio area can help to add a little more style without adding any crowding elements, which is especially important if your backyard is small. This also makes walking in your backyard softer for your feet and ties your space together into one cohesive “room.”

6. Create a Stone Path

The space leading up to your patio may be just as crucial as the patio itself. Creating a stone path adds more personality to your patio space and the yard overall. It also encourages guests to walk on the path instead of accidentally stepping on beloved backyard plants.

7. Look Into Creative Ways to Add Shade

Shade is excellent for protecting you from sun and rain all year round. If you really want to spruce up your space, consider adding a pergola, trellis or umbrella to your patio space. With these, you can comfortably sit outside without worrying about the weather or getting sunburned.

8. Add Some Light to Your Patio Space

Adding lights to your backyard patio brings plenty of style and asserts your personality while making your backyard an excellent place to spend time when it starts to get dark. Whether you choose fun string lights or more traditional post lights, these make your backyard a welcoming space night or day.

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