Best Patios and Backyards for Summer

How to Get There With Window World of Cleveland

patio with sliding doorCleveland residents are finally relieved of the cold, dark winter months. It’s time to celebrate the warm days with friends, family, and being outside. How do you know if your patio is up to par? Window World of Cleveland offers some tips and tricks for making your outside space a place everyone wants to be.

Patio Doors

Window World of Cleveland offers a few styles of patio doors to choose from, such as French, classic, and contemporary. If you’re seeking an elegant look to dress up your back entryway, French patio doors may be for you. Are you more of a traditional homeowner? Our classic sliding door will maximize your view of the outdoors, while quietly accenting your living space. Finally, contemporary patio doors give your home a little bit of an edge through the modern design etched on the glass.

Storm Door from Window WorldScreen Doors

Who enjoys watching a summer thunderstorm roll in? By having screen storm doors that lead out to your backyard, you can view the beauty of nature from the comfort of your indoor space. Another function of screen doors is to keep pesky insects out. The screen panel lets warm air in, and protects you from mosquitoes and other bothersome bugs.

Garden Window.

vinyl garden windowSummer brings longer days, which means more opportunity for natural light to fill your home. Garden windows give you the option of having an indoor garden, right above your kitchen sink. Adding potted plants like basil, rosemary and thyme, will fill your space with a fresh aroma. Not to mention you can add the leaves from these plants to enhance your summer recipes!

Bright Patio Furniture.

Incorporate bright colors like reds, blues, and yellows into your patio furniture. Colored Adirondack chairs are the perfect option for adding character. You can find many inexpensive options at your local home-improvement stores.

Ready to Make Your Patio Summer Ready?

Window World of Cleveland is full of knowledgeable professionals who know how to make your backyard and patio look its best. Contact us and see how we can get your summer home improvement project started.

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